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Or Why You Should You Ask If Your Tire Shop Recycles Old Tires

Everything You Need to Know About Recycled Tires

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Fuel made from tires

In the US, about half of all trash tires are turned into fuel. Fuel made from tires is used to supplement fuel made from oil and coal. Even while this isn’t technically “tire recycling,” it’s nonetheless regarded as a useful use for old tires. Tires generate 25% more energy than coal and have lower emissions than the majority of industrial fuels.


In reality, only about 30% of used tires are recycled and used for new purposes. Regardless of whether you prefer to buy new or used tires, ensuring that your old tires are recycled will help you lessen your carbon impact. The end result of tire conversion is employed in numerous civil engineering projects, such as the construction of playgrounds for kids, landfills, and road insulation.


Additionally, the US sells a lot of its used tires. Currently, nine million are exported each year because to the growing need for cheap fuel on a global scale.


Many scrap tires are recycled into cut, punched, or stamped products after they leave the tire shop, including shoe bottoms, belts, floor mats, gaskets, and washers. Through the process of retreading, old tires can also be reused to create new tires. On this method, the old tire tread is eliminated and replaced with fresh tread, restoring the tire’s original properties. Compared to the production of a new tire, this method utilizes a minimal amount of oil.


In the US, recycled tires are also used in agriculture and other sectors of the economy. Rubber has various uses in agriculture because it is heat-absorbing and highly robust. Building barns, corrals, and feeding troughs out of tires is common. In agriculture, old tires serve as both land boundaries and a fortification for irrigation lines.

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